When Bucks Rang Mrs Hardwick

Footy fans if you are reading this Richmond have lost again and I am on an alcohol fuelled bender, but never fear, according to the Herald Sun's Mark Robinson; Damian Hardwick could be a coaching genius. Potentially he could be a mastermind, theoretically he could be the next Norm Smith. Great stuff Robbo, let's live in a hypothetical world. What if through the wonders of medical science Royce Hart, Jack Dyer and Francis Bourke can take the field again? Sure they may have to be elevated rookies to get on the primary list but just go there.

Imagine if retrospectively the AFL go back and award premiership points for heartbreaking losses? By Robinsons logic Richard Tambling could have won a Brownlow and be playing his 300th game this year if only he was given more support. If dinosaurs hadn't become extinct, would that have an effect on the GWS development academies? I could have gone a lot better with the ladies had my looks, personality, financial status and reproductive organs been in better shape also.

Dimma created a few chuckles earlier in the week when he mentioned Pies coach Nathan Buckley had called his wife by mistake. Take it from one who knows, that "mistake" excuse works only once. And a tip for Bucks, never leave a voice message at 4am detailing the positive features your coach's wife possesses or a badly thought out plan involving your caravan of sin.

Channel Seven's Luke Darcy awoke from a six month hibernation and asked Paddy Dangerfield if moving to the mythical Moggs Creek was a winner. It was like listening to an uncle with zero interest in children asking their six year old niece if the music industries sexualisation of pop music is warping children's thoughts on body image. Better TV would have been Darcy asking Wayne Carey what his current relationship with Anthony Stevens is?


James Hird is to the law fraternity what problem gamblers are to poker machine companies. Hird lost his legal fight about payment of an earlier legal fight he had lost, Tania is currently exploring what legal action they can take.