Malthouse: "Somebody Listen To Me."

"We need to harden up as a playing group, we need to harden up as a coaching group and we need to harden up as a club if we're going to get anything out of this year," Nathan Buckley told Fox Footy on Monday night. Buckley should have also added that he would continue ignore former coach Mick Malthouse. Crazy old Mick has stated he believed the Pies were on the verge of a mini dynasty and more success was on the way if he had of stayed as head coach. Let it go Mick, if you hadn't of ridden Carlton's rotting corpse into the ground the last few years people might take some notice of you but right now you’re about as relevant as a cassette recorder.

Fremantle trio Daniel Pearce, Ethan Hughes and rookie Matthew Uebergang have signed contract extensions to remain at the club beyond 2016. Phew, just when you thought the Dockers were on a downward spiral young fans can hitch their wagon to the Uebergang train. I hope this young man whose name sounds like a Dutch sex position can come in and create some excitement. At the moment the Dockers are about as exciting as a federal election ad where an actor is paid to play a "battler" and ask the camera "who's going to look after us Prime Minister?" All the while there snotty nosed dependant looks on in mock sadness.

Coach Ross Lyon has left out some big names this week in Pavlich and Barlow but even more surprising was excitement machine Zac Dawson getting dropped. Dawson, who has given hope to all spindly, fair skinned, low skilled youths around the country. He must have lost the incriminating photos of his coach, as his free pass has been revoked.

West coast have also lost patience with "contested ball animal" Lewis Jetta, the former Swan whose career has mirrored the song "Gangnam Style"; huge in 2012, now a figure of derision.

It was refreshing to hear former Demon's champ David "The Ox" Schwarz state that listening to channel 7 and predominantly Brian "BT" Taylor was spoiling watching Jake Stringer by constantly calling him "The Package".

Schwarz correctly pointed out that listening to the Saturday night commentary team was like listening to a group of mates keep repeating a heap of in-jokes. There's nothing more annoying than meeting a group of people who mindlessly laugh uncontrollably at anything the loudest clown of the group says. Unfortunately for footy fans, this group of man children are paid and encouraged to make watching a game of football as irritating as the Channel 9 cricket commentary team that have killed the Australian public's love of cricket.

Speaking of irritating Luke Darcy had a crack at Ox for daring to point out that he and his merry band of halfwits are about as funny as a ruptured testicle sounds. Darcy who has the most disproportionate ratio of swagger to footy ability in the footy media stood there with a smarmy smirk like he was giving Ox a whack, when all he was doing was highlighting the fact that he is a tall jibbering tosser in a well cut suit.