Kevin Sheedy The Father Of Modern Australia

On Monday, we as a nation, pause and show our respects for the courage and sacrifices made to keep this country free and great. To educate and keep alive a name that all Australians owe so much to; Kevin Sheedy. According to Bombers coach John Worsfold, suggestions that Essendon don't deserve to play on ANZAC day are insulting and does a disservice to all the work that Sheedy has done. When you listen to Woosher you would think that if it wasn't for Sheeds, we would all be wearing lederhosen and putting another bratwurst on the barbie.

The Gold Coast Suns have announced that they along with tarp manufactures Port Adelaide will play a home and away game in China next year. The club want to be bold and be noticed nationally. I applaud this attitude but I think the Suns should focus on being recognised regionally first. New recruit Jarrad Grant looks like one of the many villains haunting an abandoned amusement park that Scooby and the gang unmasked. He could party with Bernard Tomic and a bevy of scantily clad women and the media would confuse him with a boom mike. Even superstar Garry Ablett has been mistaken by "pinger popping schoolies" as the creepy giant baby in one of the Toy Story movies.


You know Carlton's list is young and in need of regular breaks when serial Sherrin molester Liam Jones gets a game, over his lack lustre career he's acquired about as many possessions as a first year uni student. It reminds me of the two rules you should follow to get through life.

Don't pick a forward that can't kick and cause supporters more pain than a Grant Hackett nipple cripple.

 And when searching the radio for something to listen to, immediately change the dial when you hear the phrase in a song; "let the love of Jesus wash over you."

Stefan Martin has said that he hoped the Suns Steven May would get off but thought the penalty was about right. Confused? So is Stefan. Martin can't remember the incident and when he told medical staff he finds Brian Taylor and Luke "the human bollard" Darcy's banter on Saturday night games amusing, they knew he was in trouble.

The talk on social media is that the Hawks get a great run with the umpires, resulting in three wins by only three points recently. They are an easy side to hate the Hawks, with their recent dominance and at times "unsocial" style of play, so you would wonder what the benefit to umpires and by extension the AFL have by trying to manipulate more wins for a side that has won the last three flags? According to most, the men in lime green have made more dubious calls than Channel Nine's Sixty Minutes team.

Speaking of, what a storm in a tea cup that was, it's a sad day when you can't travel to another country and pay a third party to kidnap children off the street for the purpose of ratings and financial gain. As you are reading this, I am refitting my van so I too can do a “snatch and grab”. My target? The irritating old dude who is at all Swans games. The final straw for me was when the “Einstein” who strapped a small camera to the peak of his cap, to give the viewers a feeling of what it’s like to watch a game through the eyes of a small, easily distracted elderly person.