Drinking binges on Good Friday, vicious personal insults and drug accusations, so ends my Easter weekend. Last week’s first round was more welcome than a knock on the door from religious fanatics just as a young child asks what the blue liquid represents in a feminine hygiene ad. This weekend another fresh round of footy to enjoy, although my online hate campaign was unsuccessful and Luke Darcy is still employed.

Last night’s game between the Eagles and the Blues pre game entertainment featured a real eagle flying into the playing arena and landing on a perch near its handler, what a time to be alive, is the AFL trying to corner the much sought after creepy bird watching loner demographic? Will children at Collingwood’s home game tonight be able to feed a tethered Magpie mince at half time?

If I had been consulted by West Coast you would have seen that same Eagle attacking the Carlton mascot with only his blue lycra onesie for protection.

During the game I noticed the very upright running style of the boundary umpire’s as they bring the footy back to the centre for the bounce, this must be a directive from umpire’s boss Wayne Campbell as it was like watching synchronised virgins running from danger. Also interesting to hear the great Dennis Commeti commentating with his protégé Basil Zempilas, Channel 7 seem to be like the family who buy a new dog that will grow up to look exactly like their existing old dog. If they are committed to this eventual hand over they need to start calling Basil “little Dennis” or “new Dennis” soon.

Old Dennis

Old Dennis

New Dennis

New Dennis

It was a bad night for the Blues as they got comprehensively beaten by the Eagles, although Mick Malthouse enjoyed his post-match press conference a lot more without having to answer more of Mark Stevens pointless questions (Mark we get it Mick is cranky, how about having a crack at Clarkson or Lyon?). Malthouse has asked Carlton if they can explore the possibility of playing all their games in the west from now on.

Looking to the remaining matches this weekend, the Dees played un- Melbourne like last week and wasn’t it great to see, let’s hope they can keep it up.

Garry Ablett’s shoulder got a real work out last week and the little champ has complained of pins and needles in his hand, I have heard that this sensation is like the affected hand doesn’t feel like your own and if you have a, no back to the footy, let’s hope he can get through another game and generate me some supercoach points.

Last year Port Adelaide had much success by playing INXS’s “Never Tear Us Apart” before each home game, there was talk of getting the band to play it live before the first home game this year until guitarist Tim Farriss injured his hand in a boating accident. The Power also may have overlooked the fact that Michael Hutchence would also be unavailable.

On Sunday, traditional rivals Essendon and Hawthorn meet in what many hope is a fiery affair, who could forget “The Line In The Sand” game where Ritchie Vandenberg looked like he was trying to kick start a motorbike near an Essendon players ribs or a few years later when Matthew Lloyd ran through Brad Sewell like a crazed shopper at the Boxing day sales.


Footy is back, praise be.